A Soft Place

It takes a lot of work to build a house, but it only takes a little time and love to have a home.

The Little Things

A place for every little thing, and every little thing in its place.

Lion Tales

You know what they say about hugging lions with pins in their tails, don’t you?

The Zen of Stitching

I still haven’t finished the sock lion I started . . . when was it . . . last week? Just love me. The Internet is wanting all my attention, right now, as work crawls along on my new website. It’s up and running, but there’s not a lot happening there, not yet. No worries,…

5 Things I SHOULD NOT DO While Sewing . . .

1. Watch Television Television raised me. I’m not kidding, y’all. I was born in 1966, so I was up front for PBS, Norman Lear, AND The Wonderful World of Disney. In the 1970s, we also got a heapin’ helpin’ of those great old sitcom reruns like The Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeanie, as well as my all-time favorite, Gilligan’s Island.  Yeah, Gilligan…

Basket Hangovers and Other Strange Tails

Pardon my pun. I just stepped on a baggie (with traces of Christmas cookie crumbs in it) on my sewing room floor. Sigh. Christmas is over. Now what? NEW BABIES!!! Again? Sheesh! Now that the holidays have scooted into a memory closet, somewhere in my wacky brain, I can dig through my drawers and move…

Another Good Idea

For many reasons, language interests me. The way people say things, says a whole lot about the people saying them. Look at this: Bonne idée (pronounced bunny day) means ‘good idea’ in French. In honor of all the well-intentioned resolutioning going on today, I think it’s a “good idea” to have a Bunny Day. I…

Clean Freak Wrap-Up: Loving What’s Left

I think of myself as a house. And like all houses, I have rooms, both mean and grand. There are clean rooms, messy rooms, useful rooms, and frivolous rooms. The center–the soul–in my case, resides in something like a mud room. In the very middle of me and all my rooms, secret hallways, and hidden…

Another Cleaning Series: But This One Loves You

Where are my keys? Where are my shoes? Where are my children? These are questions commonly asked by those of us who are domestically impaired. Hey, everybody understands. Cleaning is a major drag, and who’s got the time? Cleaning Horror Stories A dear, sweet woman–we’ll call her Betty–loved to give little, encouraging gifts to people….

Holy Days

I like to do things because they’re fun, not because I have to.

Working on the Weekend

Guys! Click here to see my new site! It’s the same, just over there… I’d do it for you.