Who’s Ready for a Road Trip?

While we’re finishing up those pesky projects, it is always a good idea to stop, look around, and take in some scenery. Tennessee is a great place to do it!

Beautiful Chattanooga, TN

Mr. Murphy and I took a little trip, took a little trip to Chattanooga (The Chat), last week–just an overnighter.

Here’s a view of the city from Lookout Mountain. Look at the clouds! The storms from the Gulf were rolling in, adding a major SCHWING! to the photo-op, don’t you think?

Here’s a pretty thing:

Kinda looks like something from an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, dunnit?

The Lookout Mountain Hotel was built in 1928, but became Covenant College in 1964. I’m told the inside is spectacular. I wanted to see, but Mr. Murphy said they wouldn’t let me in. Now, I’m sad. Let’s look at downtown.

Right?! And these photos don’t do it the justice it deserves. Just like most places in Tennessee, the land is beautiful and the people are super friendly.

What’s my point?

You don’t have to be rich and famous to go on a trip. No matter where you live, you are absolutely within a few hours from an adventure. Stay overnight in a cheap motel. Heck, sleep in your car or, better, pitch a tent at a roadside campground, but escape your normal for a day or three, and get a life! It’s good for your head.

Mr. Murphy’s 360° video cam is BOSS! That’s the Tennessee River bordering the right side of our Small Planet pic.

But Wait; There’s More

I visited my friends in White Bluff. Born in Nashville, I spent a large chunk of the grow years out here, in the woods. Check it!

I mean, have you ever???



We totally hiked it, stopping occasionally to BREATHE IN THE HEALING BEAUTY. With all those trees around us, the air was pure and heady with that awesome tree smell. If only I could post THAT in a blog. We had so much fun frolicking in the woods, we wore out a dog.

When my kids were babies, and they were waaay past tired, the best way to soothe them was to put them in the car, and drive around the block. Every parent knows that trick. If the car was out of the question, I would hold them and walk around the house. Why do babies love that? Maybe they think they’re going somewhere better, away from the boredom or bad dreams.

When everything agitates you, and life seems like all work and no play, it’s time to hit the road, even if it’s just a quick trip to the hills or the beach or the junk store. Grab some clean underwear and go, go, go!





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherine says:

    Your advise is spot on! Charles and I will often get a hotel room just to escape for the day. Or drive an hour up to Helen, Ga t walk around the little tourist trap town, but they have great German food and the town is built to look German.

    It is a lot of fun.


    1. I desire German food. 😀


      1. Catherine says:

        Whenever y’all are ready, come on out for a visit and we will go to Helen and Cleveland where the Cabbage Patch Hospital is. You can see cabbage patch babies being born and adopt. The original, soft cloth, hand made ones.


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