Some Things

I was born in Davidson County, Tennessee, sometime in April 1966. This makes me old (in my opinion). I have always been a writer. I won a poetry contest in the third grade for a poem I wrote called, “Meditation.” Can you believe that? –Poor little existentialist thing.

Yeah. That’s me in the red tights and pigtails–a real deep thinker.

I have had four great friendships in my life. One was a dog (an actual dog, not an unattractive person). She’s been gone a long time. I count myself incredibly fortunate to say that the other three remain, graciously, involved in my day-to-day affairs.¬†Strange…they don’t really know each other. Someday, perhaps.

I have three perfect offspring. Enough said.


My husband, Pat, is the absolute, hands-down, call-off-the-dogs, love of my life and my soul mate, forever, without whom I could never have found my writing voice, learned how to make an Egg McMurphy, or understood the mysteries of Bombadida, its cause and cure.

I cry when Cinderella gets her dress from the Fairy Godmother, and I laugh when people trip over things, as long as nobody gets hurt (mostly). I love to sew, quilt, and crochet. I tried my hand at knitting on various occasions, but I always end up throwing the knitting needles across the room when I drop a stitch for the thirty-second time. Otherwise, I am very patient. I like incense, the good stuff, not the crap they sell at the grocery store.

Trees are cool. img_0636