Piece, Love, and Baby Shower Happiness

What a week. What a couple of months. Around and around, up and down, Jane! . . . get me off this crazy thing!

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Spring is springing in Nashville, TN, and the hipsters are in full bloom. Sorry, no pictures. Fully aware that I’m stumbling, ever closer, toward the unhappy discovery of a hideous Internet photo of myself out and about in the big, red sweater, how can I ever shame another?

You think, “It’s not that bad.” You’re wrong. You are very, very wrong. I found the sweater in my in-laws’ garage, in a garbage bag, in a box, like, fifteen years ago. It is many sizes too large for me, but it is the *harsh whisper* perrrfect garrrment. It’s soft; it’s roomy; my body is a complete mystery to the average observer. The garment makes no demands; it only comforts . . .

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I recently received happy news from a dear friend, and I’m psyched about stitching something precious for the new human!

Here’s the bath towel with the matching hand towel I snagged at the Dollar Store. Yeah, Dollar Store towels are on the thin side, but that’s good: little risk if the towel flops on Baby’s face. Also, a thinner towel is easier to sew, and I’m making a hooded-towel-and-bath-mitt set. Good times. If ever there was such a thing as instant gratification sewing, this is it. The most time-consuming part of this project is finding and purchasing the towels, no joke. This gift delivers: low-cost, low labor, maximum turn-out, and maximum usefulness. I love it.

First, cut the hand towel (the smaller towel) in half.

Okay, I’m sitting at my desk with the sewing machine pushed back against the wall, propping up my tablet (where I’m writing), and it’s . . . noon. Okay. Go.

Wait, Ma’s calling (my mother), hang a sec.

. . . and it’s . . . 12:30. Okay. Go.

Later, that same day . . .

No, my sewing machine was neither threaded nor plugged in. Yes, my hand towel was already cut, BUT (ha-ha, cut-but, tee-hee, snicker) my mitt needed a bit more shaping than anticipated. You know how long it took?

Yeah, that’s a screen shot of my phone when I picked it up to see what time it was. I didn’t even rush. I goofed around with my Kindle. I stopped to take pictures, and I still enjoyed unbelievably fast piecing satisfaction. Is that crazy, or what?

So, I took one half of the hand towel (and this is the only part that’s remotely tricky in this thing) and folded back the finished edge about three-and-a-half inches. That’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Eyeball it. Imagine a baby’s head in there. The fold-back creates a somewhat adjustable-depth hoodie for a baby’s (child’s) epic-grow skull-size.

Now, fold it over again with “right sides facing,” with the three-and-a-half inch cuff on the inside. Sew the rough, cut edges together. After stitching and turning, the cuff of the hood will be on the outside away from Baby’s head.

Don’t get in a hurry. Trim the corner, if you need, to keep it crisp after turning out.


Do not, repeat, DO NOT attempt to sew hood to towel without pinning first! Terry cloth is stretchy, and it lies, how it lies. Don’t give in to your impulse to say, “Oh, this is so easy. Who needs pins? I’m a free-wheelin’ sew-and-sew. La, la-lalla, la-llla-lla, la-laaah!”

Don’t do that.

You will sew regret it.

Make sure your insides are your insides and your outsides are your outsides. Now, Sew, my Pretties! Sew! SEW!! Aaaahhh, heh, heh, HEH!!! Seriously, you won’t have to leave much of a seam, because, here, you’re sewing through finished seams.

I just love that: such a cozy picture of my presser foot. Warms my heart. All that’s left is the mitt.

Grab that other half of the hand towel and just get jiggy with it. Sew it into any shape you want. Make it into a little pouch, shape it like a hand, whatever strikes your fancy. Have fun. Also, it’s always a good idea to run a zig-zag stitch over the rough edges of the seams. You know that terry cloth, so full of lies and soooo unravel-ly. But you should end up with something like this:

Wait, is that it? Hey! Wait a minute! Is that’s all?

Yep. That’s it. Embellish it, add stuff, monogram, go nuts! I recently had a friend tell me that this was still her son’s favorite towel, and he’s . . . hmmm . . . seven(?) eight(?) . . . sigh, they grow up so fast.

Now what?

Well, May is on its way with Mother’s Day and birthdays o’ plenty. And don’t you think for one second I have forgotten about Christmas (tiny squeal of joy in my heart).