Get Out of Here

Nashville is lousy with artists.

Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, I see art, hear music, witness free self-expression, find bookstores and junk stores full of treasures, the cast-offs of the creative minds who live, work, and sometimes struggle to make a living in Music City. My nephew visited a few months ago, to work the house show circuit. He’s very good, just like the oodles and boodles of other amazingly talented people, around here.


Phat Bites in Donelson


I can’t remember where this was, but don’t even worry about it. These little jewels are all over the place, and looking for them is the best part of the experience.

The citizens of Nashville, TN are used to living next door to drummers, writers, actors, professionals, not-so-professionals, and a hundred other craftsmen, builders, welders, dog groomers, you name it; we got it. I regularly visit a little shop on the edge of Hermitage/Donelson where the owners are super-friendly (like most folks around here) and, more importantly, they provide the work of local artisans for public consumption.

Spring is almost upon us and that means FARMERS’ MARKETS!!! They are EVERYWHERE, and they are ALL GREAT!


This is in the parking lot of an ACE hardware store. I’m losing my mind with wholesome pleasure goodness!

POINT: I know everybody’s shrieking about, “support this,” and “boycott that,” but the local creative community is worth buying into. Don’t you hate yourself just a little, every time you go to Walmart and become one of the ‘walking dead,’ shuffling up and down its decaying, consumer-corrals? Sure. We all do. Don’t you feel hip and cool, strolling through Centennial Park in the grass and the sunshine with your dog and an armload of homemade soap? See? Quality of life–that’s all I’m sayin’.

Life is short, people. Let’s squeeze as much out of it as we can, and let’s make somebody else’s day better, too. Let’s keep those actors acting, those musicians musicking, those candle dippers dipping. And take your dog for a walk, for cripes’ sake.