The Truth about the Birds and the Dogs

I took Cosmo, the ancient Shih-Tzu, outside this morning to do some things. That’s a nice way of saying he needed to do some things. At six o’clock in the morning, it’s still dark, but there’s a little gray light on the horizon. People were already up and moving around, here, in Hermitage, TN, and the birds were sure singing. We had all kinds of birds in the Panhandle of Texas: robins, doves (lots of doves, or are they pigeons?), all the mainline colors: blue, red, and black. We had a lot of little brown ones with yellow breasts. Canadian geese wintered with us; that was cool. But I missed the songbirds. When I was a girl in Dickson, especially in the springtime, those freaking songbirds would wake me up before five thirty in the morning, singing their little hearts out. When spring was good and coming, we slept with our windows cracked open when the nights were still chilly, but not freezing, and those little chirpies would tune up while it was still dark, attracting mates, fluffing their nests, laying eggs, and singing about it. That’s what little birds do. When you’re busy being a bird, you’ve got a song about birding, and your bird DNA must proclaim your bird-ness.


I read a story, last week, about the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, a German shepherd named Rumor, who ran away with Best in Show. One look at the five-year-old female could be enough to know why. Her intelligent face was full of life and character. Watching her interact with her handler, pacing around the ring, and engaging the ecstatic crowd was mesmerizing. I like watching dog shows because the dogs are so proud to be dogs. They love the attention and the people. They’re happy and it shows when they take their turns around the floor, and stand at attention for the judges to “paw” over their indiscriminate parts. The judges look at performance, but they concentrate on the characteristics of the breed. Is this dog the best representation of its breed? Of all the terriers, of all the standard poodles, of all the German shepherds, is this one closest to what makes that breed specific, like no other? The dogs seem to know who they are, and they strive to be everything that they were born to be. You may not be crazy about pugs, but the pug doesn’t care. He’s the best pug, and he knows it.

Life has been good, and life has been bad, but one thing is for sure: life has never been, and will never be, easy or fair. More important than learning who I am has been learning who I am not and being okay with that. When I was twenty years old, I tried to lose my southern accent because I thought it made other people think I was stupid. But I don’t care what people think of me, much, anymore. You may not be crazy about the Tennessee accent, but the Tennessee accent doesn’t care. She’s the best Tennessee accent, and she knows it. I’m not gonna worry about who I ain’t. I’m gonna build my nest and sing my song, and proclaim my Connie-ness. If you don’t want to hear it, that’s alright. Just shut your window, and go back to sleep.


Home Again

When I was a kid, I loved growing up in the country. Dickson, Tennessee was very different from Nashville, where I was born. The food was better. The people were nicer, and the woods…I loved walking in the woods.

When I graduated high school in 1984, I couldn’t get out of the woods fast enough. I moved back to Nashville for the bright lights and the party nights. After my feelings got hurt a few times, I decided that the whole state of Tennessee was the problem that needed fixing, so I left, thinking if I never saw it again, I would be just fine with that.

When the world came crashing down around me in 2014, Texas felt like an alien planet and my heart ached for the woods, again. More than anything in the world, I wanted to be in the one place, the last place, where the things and the people had made sense to me. I wanted to go home.

This blog is a celebration of home, my home in the great state of Tennessee. We’ll see how many stories I can remember, recipes I can find, and pictures I can fit on one blog for free. If it gets too full, I guess I’ll have to go premium. By then, hopefully, I’ll have figured out the mysteries of WordPress networking.

My goal is not just to shamelessly brag about Music City and the fantastic people and culture, but to help a reader, somewhere, who’s ready to stop, turn around, and remember who your people are and the stories they told. It’s time to go home. Y’all come in and eat some beans!